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About Our Doctors

Dr. Bernard Sirois

Dr. Bernie Sirois became a chiropractor because he was very interested in healthcare and helping people. He has a sister and father who went to chiropractors for different problems.


“I got sold on the philosophy of chiropractic after getting pieces of information from their doctor visits on what it was all about,” said Dr. Bernie. He fell in love with the philosophy and even went to school without ever having an adjustment.

Discovering chiropractic was a gift.  Sharing chiropractic with others is a blessing...

Dr. Michelle Sirois

For Dr. Michelle Sirois, chiropractic has been her whole way of life. It’s all in the family as her father is a retired chiropractor. “I’ve been adjusted since I was a baby,” said Dr. Michelle. She has seen the many benefits of chiropractic and how it has helped her parents, her siblings and herself.


When she was a young girl, Dr. Michelle would have friends that would be on antibiotics if they got sick. When she got sick, which was rare, she was adjusted and went back to school the next day. Dr. Michelle knew that chiropractic was the field for her.