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Patient Reviews 

Thank you very much to all of our wonderful patients. Our clinic is truly blessed to have such an amazing patient family. It is an honor to serve you with the art, gift, and quality health care that is chiropractic.

 ~ The Cornerstone Family Chiropractic Team

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"10 Years ago I began to have migraines so bad I couldn't move my head and could not sleep without over the counter medication.Since I've been seeing Dr. Bernie I have fewer migraines and my eating habits have changed. I don't take medication any more and I sleep all night. My overall health is 80% better."
A.  Simms

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"When I first came to Cornerstone Family Chiropractic Center I was really skeptical. I had severe low back pain and had been to a Neurologist and all kinds of specialists who all recommended back surgery.  Many of my family members had done surgery and some were still in chronic pain.  After treatment by Dr. Michelle, I am now feeling great. I have started jogging and also working out again. I revisited my orthopedic surgeon telling him my pain was gone. He wished me good luck and encouraged me to continue seeing Dr. Michelle.  Thank you for all you have done for me."  ~M. Hart

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Since I have been under Dr. Bernie's care, my enlarged heart is smaller,  and my hypertension and labored breathing is better.  I actually feel better.  I can't say enough about the staff.  They are wonderful--kind, considerate, caring and funny.  They make you feel like family and thankful for being alive.  I love the "Cornerstone Family Chiropractic Center."  


Dr.  Bernie treats the whole person with adjustments, nutrition, and love.  He takes the time to assess your problem from every angle and proceeds to help you.They offer nutritional and educational classes to better inform and assist the patients.  I highly recommend Dr. Bernie to anyone with health challenges. May God continue to bless the Cornerstone Family Chiropractic Center." ~S. Mack

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